Scented Melts

Available in all of our candle scents; made of ultra refined food grade paraffin. Snap one melt off, place it in your warmer and enjoy the fragrance throughout your room!
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    I have purchased candles and scent warmers from many different stores. Full Moon Candle Co. is hands down the ONLY place I will buy from now on. From the variety of delicious scents, the amazing trinkets, the atmosphere and the knowledge of the owner, I was instantly enamored with the store.  My current favorites are the caramel pipe tobacco and the pineapple cilantro, but honestly, I haven't found one I don't like. The owner is so friendly and makes you feel like you are home. The scents she creates reminds me of my childhood and all my favorite things, without the weird plastic-y smell I have gotten from other retailers.  Ordering online is extremely easy, and the shipments come quick. If you can, I strongly urge you to pop into the store...It is so worth it! 

    MrsR - Joyce, Washington
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