Welcome to Full Moon Candle Co.

Our Candles are the Finest Quality, Longest Burning, Scented Candles available. We've been creating these candles for 20 years & guarantee them to be the best you've ever burned.

If you're looking for high quality candles, we invite you to try one and see for yourself. If your tastes lean towards floral, the fruits, clean & fresh, decadent food flavors or the great outdoors, we have something for everyone. You only have to try one! Simply put . . . Olfactory Poetry!!

Don't YOU deserve the BEST! When using proper candle burning etiquette you'll find that our candles cost pennies an hour to burn. We offer you the PERFECT CANDLE. Our Brick and mortar store is open Tuesday - Friday 10a - 5p and Saturdays 10a-4p

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