At Full Moon Candle Co. we have been creating candles since 1996. We are hands on with the entire process to insure the quality remains second to none. Full Moon candles are popular locally and across the United States.

  • How long does it take for my order to process?
    All orders process within the same business day, Tuesday thru Saturday(10a-5pm PST). If many orders have come through, causing us to be short on the order, we will email you and let you know when your order is expected to be filled. We use UPS Ground as well as USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping. Rates are based on the weight of the package and the zip code that the order is being shipped to.
  • Do I have to pay for return shipping?
    Under typical circumstances yes. Please contact us BEFORE sending a candle back to the shop. Returns must be received within 30 days of the ship date, in the same condition as was received. Customers will receive a credit for returned candles. If it is a manufacturing defect, we will help determine that through either email communication or via a telephone call. We want you to be satisfied with your candle and will make it right for you!
  • What should I look for when burning my candle?
    This is what your candle should look like as it is burning. The top of the candle is curving in on itself. You won’t see this until probably the 5th time you burn your candle. The only way to get your candle to burn like this, is to burn it for a minimum of three hours each & EVERY time you burn your candle. You can burn these candles MUCH longer, but it takes at least three hours for the melt pool to reach across the top of the candle.
  • How do I keep my candle from tunneling down the center?
    This is what will happen if you burn the pillar candles for short periods. Less than three hours. You will see the candle start to tunnel down the center. All you have to do to remedy this, is to burn your candle for longer periods each time you burn your pillar. At least three hours.
  • Why should I trim the wick?
    When you allow your wick to get long, the flame gets out of balance. This is when your candle may put off black smoke. It gets into your walls and furniture. We don’t want that.
    Please keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch, during the entire burn process. If you are going to burn your candle for several hours, check the wick every couple hours. It’s easy to trim. If your flame is higher than one inch, it's TIME to TRIM YOUR WICK.
  • How do I get my candle to completely consume itself?
    Notice how we are hugging the top of our candle. If you try and keep the soft lip at the top of the candle gently pressed in towards the flame, your candle will completely consume itself leaving a small wax disc in the end. The closer you can get the sides of the candles to the flame, the better it will burn.
  • What is the best way to burn my votive?
    When burning a votive, it MUST be placed in a small glass votive cup. If you can find one that is the same size as the votive, your votive will burn for 15 hours. You must pay attention to the wick when burning a votive. It's best to trim your wick every couple hours while burning it so your flame doesn't get too long thus inviting black smoke. Votives are made from softer wax. This is so it will melt faster and the liquid wax will then release the wonderful scent. Notice the little black spot in the bottom of the glass. This is where we have trimmed the wick and it has fallen to the bottom of the glass. Votives can be burned for as little as five minutes or as long as fifteen hours.

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